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Steven Larson began painting at the age of 43.   Working as a social worker and therapist at the time, his interest in art was sparked while he was studying the psychoanalysis theories of Carl Jung and the writings on mythology of Joseph Campbell.  Larson became intrigued with images from his dreams, images from the unconscious, and symbolism in art and archetypes throughout history.

Larson studied with artist and educator Edward Evans at Southwest State University in Marshall, MN, from 1991 until 1996.  Larson lists as other influences on his work Agnes Martin, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, and the prairie landscape which has surrounded him most of his life.

Steven prefers painting on large canvasses, using acrylic paints, but has also utilized other mediums and a variety of surfaces.

"My experience in painting is one of meditation," he says, "a journey through physical and spiritual space, an experience of joy and suffering, a solitary journey through open empty places.  If I am successful in creating a feeling of space on a flat piece of canvas, I am grateful to the patient viewers who have invested their time in examining and reacting to my paintings."

Larson's style utilizes detailed placement of lines and dots to create abstract landscapes that sometimes have representational elements.  His primitive geometric shapes are reminiscent of some aboriginal paintings.  Larson himself sees his paintings as spontaneous and brooding at the same time.  The origins are found in the unconscious.


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