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    Dee Dwight is a nationally recognized artist, painting in bold and vibrant colors.  Her preferred medium is acrylic paint because she likes the intense saturation of the pigments.  She often paints in the manner of oil painters, using subtle blending, glazing and merging of hues to convey intent.  Dee's work includes nature, botanicals and macro views of flowers, whimsy, abstractions and subtle significance.  Her main objective of communication is one of peace, happiness, stimulation, health and harmony.


    Dee enjoyed an early and enduring career in the fashion industry, traveling to major markets in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago.  She was involved in marketing, design, fashion shows, and seasonal market debuts.

    After migrating to the Southwest in 1989, Dee was awakened to the incredible mystery and beauty of the Sonoran Desert.  This path led her to a whole new career opening, beginning with intense art studies, a degree in Interior Design, and study of photography.  Combining her fashion, photography, and art background, Dee and her husband/mentor/inspiration, Robert, launched a busy pursuit of portraiture that included being commissioned to produce cover images for a nationally distributed magazine.  Their award winning photography has been included in the Phoenix Suns Magazine, as well as other local and national publications and commercial advertising.

    Dee feels that she has truly found her life inspiration in her artistic endeavors.  Painting has allowed her to share her attitudes, experiences and philosophies, and continues to allow her to nurture and develop this communication.

    Dee and her husband Robert left the desert in 2005 and headed to the shores of Lake Michigan.  They currently live in the Bluffton beach community by the beautiful sugar sand beaches of Lake Michigan with their three fur kids (two German Shepherd Dogs and one bossy gray cat.)


    For centuries it's been known that colors can dramatically affect our health, inner harmony, and even our emotions.  Physical color in the environment affects our moods, relationships, and well being.  The colors you wear and see in your surroundings have a huge, and perhaps largely subconscious, effect on your moods, actions, mental and emotional states of being and function.

    The fast pace of the world we exist in can leave us physically and emotionally drained.  As a student and devotee of "COLOR THERAPY", Dee Dwight's palette and subject matter is oriented toward the inspirational and healing power of intense hue and saturation, along with her unbridled enthusiasm for the incredible wonders of nature.  Dee's art is intended to invoke positive feelings and a source of peaceful, yet stirring, reaction.


    "I am most gratified when observers and collectors tell me how good my art makes them feel.  When my art stimulates joy, I feel a deep sense of fulfillment.  Life is too short not to explore and enjoy its many possibilities, and to live each day to the fullest."

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